Welcome Back!

Hello Students! Welcome back to another school year! Let’s make 2015-16 the best one yet! Be sure to look at programming as some of the activities have changes! Also watch out our annual suicide awareness and prevention walk is quickly approaching.

  • Fusion Worship- Mondays @ 8pm
  • Bible Study- Tuesdays @ 6pm
  • Free Lunch- Wednesdays @ 11:30-1pm

Our annual Suicide Awareness and Prevention Day will be held on September 15th, 2015. The walk will be at noon, with registration taking place at 11:30. There also plans to be a seminar that evening. Keep an eye out for more details!

Suicide Prevention Week

In honor of Suicide Prevention Week please take the time to know the signs and know that there is help for you! We are always here at the chapel to listen or to provide you with whatever help you may need! Also there is a confidential phone number to call to have a professional help! Please make sure you know this number not only for yourself but for family and friends as well!


Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk

Come join Fusion for the Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk on September 16th at 6pm- 8pm on West Liberty University Campus! One life is one too many! Together we can make a difference!

Registration fee of $5 per person or $25 of a group 5-10 people

There will be a Chinese Auction, 50/50, and Live Entertainment!

Please get your group involved! If you have any questions please contact us at ministry@westliberty.edu!

Superhero Walk

PCM is proud to say that they will be involved in the Superhero Walk that will take place in Pittsburgh, PA on April 26th. The walk is formed be The Superhero Foundation. This foundation is one that supports awareness of child abuse and to show children there is hope and love for everyone. If anyone would like to join PCM on this walk please stop by the chapel to find out more information!



Check out their website at http://www.thesuperherofoundation.org/


Biggest Loser Contest!

Biggest loser contest is back in full swing this spring semester. The weigh ins need to be taken in the chapel office area. There is a $5 donation to be involved in the contest. 1/3 of the proceeds will go to the winner! 2/3 of the proceeds will go to suicide awareness. The winner will be announced on April 24th on the quad at our “Break the Silence” Day. There will be many activities planned that day. Leave all electronics at home; it is a day of play! If there is any questions make sure to email us at ministry@westliberty.edu or call Pastor Deb at 304-280-9218